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Beckalry & Beckerville Holsteins


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The Greatest Cow we have ever had and our first excellent and hopefully many more is:
Beckalry Samantha Raider EX-3E 3*

Samantha was a tremendous cow and was and well always be our favourite(although others are now rising to the challenge). She has produced 4 VG 1GP Milking Daughters. They are:
Becklary Sally Rudolph VG-88 6yr.old
Beckalry Sandy Gibson VG-86 4yr.old
Beckalry Susy Igniter VG-88 6yr.old ET
Beckalry Sugar Igniter VG-87 4yr.old ET
Beckalry Sunrise Morty 84 3yr.old
She also has 2 other heifers one Morty and one Igniter on there way!
Along with her fabulous daughters she also has 4 sons.
Her first is:
Beckalry Stardom Igniter -Sold to Zehr Farms.  Has 28 daughters and 12 are classified 2yr olds with 7GP( Three 83, three 82 and one 80 points) and 5 G. 58% GP or better with most classifying better than there dams!
Beckalry Stewart L'artist-Has 3 daughters. Sold to Wykdeel farms.
Beckalry Scotty Morty- Sold to young to have daughters.
Beckalry Select Champion- Sold threw Carson Auctions