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Welcome to Beckalry and Beckerville Holsteins!

Home of Beckalry Samantha Raider EX-3E 2*

Sorry there is no pictures yet I have to get them scanned into the computer so they well be up soon.

Also home of Valleylane April Mason EX

Herd Classification 1EX-21VG-15GP-1G-4NC

Current Flush: We are currently taking care of Stelbro Distrigene Mille R&W GP-83 2yr. for Martin Ritsma. She was purchased at the Stelbro Dispersal at Brubachers in December. Her dam is Stelbro Mila Rubens VG-87 she was Reserve Intermediate 1 year old 2001 All-American R&W and 2nd Intermediate 1 year old 2001 Madison R&W. Mille has 5 Generations of VG behind her. This is a great cow that is big framed and scored 86 Points for Dairy Strength.She is going to be flushed to Rampage Red. If anybody has any inquiries please feel free to contact us at .

Flushing’s: Valleylane April Mason EX has been recently flushed to September Storm. Beckalry Sally Rudolph VG88 out of Beckalry Samantha Raider EX-3E 2* was also just recently flushed to September Storm as well. Both had 5 embryo’s planted each from these two great big framed, uphill cows and all recipients have carried so far.

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